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When I was 9-years old, a U.S. Marine carried me off the tarmac in San Francisco and ushered me into my new homeland. He was the first American I ever met. It was 1975, and I couldn't thank him because I didn't speak a word of English. Several months earlier, my dad had dropped my three siblings and me off at...


The Doctor is in: Reimagining Healthcare

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Expand Medicare  Over 44 million Americans currently count on the services provided by Medicare, and…

Onwards and Upwards: Restructuring our Education System

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Reauthorize Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Visiting Programs While Congressional Republicans were working to dismantle…

Protecting our homes and families: Preventing Gun Violence

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Enforce Universal Background Checks. In order to keep our communities safe, I believe it is…

Remembering our heroes: Honoring our Veterans

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"A lot of our veterans are this close to being homeless. Someone needs to speak…

Challenging the normative: Fighting for Women’s Rights

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The discussion surrounding equality in America is not new. Though the women’s suffrage marches are…

Welcome home: Fostering Immigration Reform

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As a child, Dr. Tran was airlifted out of Vietnam to escape the communist takeover.…


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